Barnett Southern Corporation is an equal-opportunity employer who subscribes to the highest possible ethical standards regarding the company’s employees. We are frequently looking for top-quality professionals as we continue to grow the company and, if interested in a career with Barnett Southern, we encourage you to fill out our employment form which will be submitted to



Began at Barnett Southern as a laborer and is beginning his/her advancement upward. Has intermediate to advanced knowledge of all piping applications such as, ditch grading, rigging, and operator I or greater skills. Leads laborers in pipe laying activities.  May spend entire tenure as a pipe layer if he desires.

Specific Duties:

  • Most skilled of all laborer categories.

  • SAFELY works on the ground, in a ditch, or in high stress operations. 

  • Has advanced knowledge of pipe laying operations.

  • Stays productive with little direction.

  • Has at least Operator I machine operating ability.



An essential man on the ground. May assist in shoveling, grade checking, maintenance, or other labor-intensive duties. Generally, stays on task with some direction.

Specific Duties:

  • SAFELY works on the ground. 

  • Some knowledge of pipe laying and/or grading process.

  • Stays productive with direction.

  • May have Operator I machine operating ability.



Most skilled and efficient of the three operator classes. Can skillfully and safely operate an excavator, bulldozer and/or motor grader. Can operate a loader and roller but is not a main function of his/her job. Is acting “Second in Command” when foreman/Superintendent is absent. Shows leadership quality amongst the crew but does not desire to be a manager. 

Specific Duties:

  • SAFELY operates an excavator, bulldozer, and/or motor grader.

  • SKILLFULLY operates an excavator, bulldozer, and/or motor grader every day.

  • Shows advanced knowledge of piping installation process or grading applications.

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